Tapered Leg Table


An elegant design which looks great in any interior. Tapered leg tables are available with the bases painted in any Farrow & Ball colour. Standard sizes are 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft and 9ft long. The standard width is 86cm and standard height is 77cm.

We also make tapered leg benches to match: To fit 5ft table £185 | 6ft table £195 | To fit 7ft table £205 | To fit 8ft table £215 | To fit 9ft table £235


5ft £595 | 6ft £645 | 7ft £695 | 8ft £795 | 9ft £995 

Sometimes it helps to talk to someone before you buy a product. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, Jamie, by email or telephone to ask any questions before you make a purchase. I am always happy to help. You can call me on 07889 726200 or email me: jamie@vintagefurnitureco.co.uk  

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Before you order: Sometimes it helps to talk to someone before you buy a product. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me, Jamie, to ask any questions before you make a purchase - just fill in the form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Or you can call me on 07889 726200. I am always happy to help.

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This beautiful design is both stylish and practical. The narrow tapered legs and thin reclaimed wood top make this table perfect for elegant dining. And the top is finished with a hard wearing clear lacquer which makes keeping it looking great no problem at all.

The tapered leg tables are available with the bases painted in any Farrow & Ball colour and the tops can be finished in a standard reclaimed pine look or can be aged.

The standard sizes are 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft and 9ft long by 86cm wide and 77cm high.

These products are made from reclaimed timber and have fantastic character – which will only increase over the years with use. As such the timber has been previously used, so it will have marks, cracks, dents and scars on it. The wood may have splits and knots as well as marks from rust or paint, or holes, stains and saw marks. They are made from a natural product – all timber products will move and alter over time and with seasonal adjustments in temperature and moisture content. We design our furniture in a way that allows for this natural movement, so it will always remain structurally sound, but the character of the wood will change. We think this adds to its charm – we hope you will agree and will love the natural beauty of the wood as much as we do.


5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft


All White, Ammonite, Archive, Arsenic, Babouche, Ball Green, Black Blue, Blackened, Blazer, Blue Gray, Blue Ground, Bone, Book Room Red, Borrowed Light, Brassica, Breakfast Room Green, Brinjal, Cabbage White, Calamine, Calke Green, Calluna, Card Room Green, Charleston Gray, Charlotte's Locks, Churlish Green, Cinder Rose, Citron, Clunch, Cook's Blue, Cooking Apple Green, Cord, Cornforth White, Cromarty, Dayroom Yellow, Dead Salmon, Dimity, Dimpse, Dix Blue, Dorset Cream, Dove Tale, Down Pipe, Drawing Room Blue, Drop Cloth, Eating Room Red, Elephant's Breath, Farrow's Cream, French Gray, Great White, Green Blue, Green Ground, Green Smoke, Hague Blue, Hardwick White, Hay, House White, Incarnadine, Inchyra Blue, India Yellow, James White, Joa's White, Lamp Room Gray, Lichen, Light Blue, Light Gray, Lime White, London Clay, London Stone, Lulworth Blue, Mahogany, Manor House Gray, Matchstick, Middleton Pink, Mizzle, Mole's Breath, Mouse's Back, Nancy's Blushes, New White, Off-Black, Off-White, Old White, Oval Room Blue, Oxford Stone, Pale Hound, Pale Powder, Parma Gray, Pavilion Blue, Pavilion Gray, Peignoir, Pelt, Picture Gallery Red, Pigeon, Pink Ground, Pitch Black, Pitch Blue, Plummett, Pointing, Purbeck Stone, Radicchio, Railings, Rectory Red, Red Earth, Ringwold Ground, Salon Drab, Savage Ground, Setting Plaster, Shaded White, Shadow White, Skimming Stone, Skylight, Slipper Satin, Smoked Trout, St Giles Blue, Stiffkey Blue, Stone Blue, Stony Ground, String, Strong White, Studio Green, Sudbury Yellow, Tallow, Tanner's Brown, Teresa's Green, Tunsgate Green, Vardo, Vert De Terre, Wevet, White Tie, Wimborne White, Worsted, Yeabridge Green, Yellow Ground, Yellowcake


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