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Terms and Conditions

How to order

You can make an order online, by email: or by telephone, 07889 726200, or you are very welcome to call in and see us at Four Lane Ends Farm, Burley Bank Road, Harrogate, HG3 2BX. We are always happy to talk about your requirements and answer any questions you might have.

We do have some terms and conditions which apply when you order, they are to protect both our customers and ourselves. Please take the time to read through them before placing an order to ensure you are happy with them.

The ordering process

The prices for our standard size items appear on our website, but we are happy to quote for bespoke sizes and individual pieces. When we quote for an item the quote is valid for 30 days. Any changes to orders after ordering may incur an extra charge, again we would be happy to quote for any such changes.

When you make an order with us we will confirm the order by return email and will include an invoice. Please check this invoice to make sure all the details are correct. Payment for any order is required within 5 working days of an order being placed, and note any approximate lead time quoted begins from the time payment is made. 

Orders generally take between 6 and 9 weeks to be completed, but as we are small business and these are all hand-made items this is only a guide and we cannot guarantee orders will be completed within this timeframe. We cannot be be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control which may lead to a longer lead time. 


All our items are tailor-made to your specifications, and as such are bespoke items. We don’t carry any stock, but we do offer reassurance when you place an order. We allow a cancellation period of 7 days from the day you place an order. If you cancel during this period you will receive a full refund of all monies paid, refunds will be made within 14 days of cancellation, which must be made in writing. If you cancel an order between 7 days from ordering and up to and including 14 days from ordering then we will refund 50% of any monies paid, refunds will be made within 14 days of cancellation, which must be made in writing. After this time we are not able to offer any refunds, it may, however, still be possible to change some of the details of your order – though extra charges may apply.


Manufacturing and the timber we use

Much of our furniture is made from reclaimed pine. As such the timber is used, so it will have marks, cracks, dents and scars on it. The wood may have splits and knots as well as marks from rust or paint, or holes, stains and saw marks. This reclaimed timber may not always be entirely flat, it may be bowed and slightly uneven. We sand the timber make it suitable for use but it will still retain much of this character. The colour of the timber we use may vary too. Our website shows images of our finished products which give a good representation of the natural finished colour, but there may be variances and some of the boards we use are lighter and some, darker. We cannot offer any returns or refunds due to variances in the natural characteristics of the timber such as (but not limited to) marks and colour, though we may be able to offer replacements in certain circumstances.

When the furniture arrives the changes in environment may causes changes in the wood. This is the case with all wooden products. The furniture is manufactured to allow for such movement but will it not stop it altogether. In particular, centrally heated homes, underfloor heating, radiators and exposure to directly sunlight will cause this movement. Cracks, shakes and splits may open up and warps may occur. This is simply a natural occurrence with wooden products and we cannot accept returns or refunds on the basis of these changes.


Whilst we don’t operate our own in-house delivery service we are able to deliver in partnership with a third party courier. We cab help arrange delivery for you, you can opt for delivery when ordering or you can arrange delivery with them directly and can pay them on delivery. Alternatively you are very welcome to organise delivery or collect your items. The cost of delivery is not included with any of our orders use otherwise stated. The couriers we use collect all completed orders from us once a week and will then contact customers to organise deliveries for the following week. Delivery days and times will depend on the the courier’s routes and on other items they have to deliver so they may need a little flexibility in terms of delivery times and dates, though they will always do their best to arrange a convenient time with you. The delivery is normally door-to-door and is completed by the driver. The driver may be able to assist with carrying items into the property but depending on the size of the items and the access available an able-bodied person may be required on-site to help. A two-man delivery is available at extra cost. Please make the courier aware of any access difficulties you are aware of or if you think you will need a two-man delivery team. It is your responsibility to ensure that the furniture will fit into your home. We cannot accept any responsibility for furniture which does not fit, though we may be able to help design furniture that will fit, let us know of any potential issues at the time of ordering and we will do all we can to help.

When you receive furniture, please inspect it carefully as we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage once our courier has delivered.


As all of our furniture is bespoke, and made to order, it is not eligible for return or a refund unless there is a manufacturing fault beyond the natural changes which occur in natural wooden products (as described above).

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